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Heavy Rain In Sydney, Minister Says, “Life Threatening Situation”

Heavy rain in southwest Sydney has caused thousands to evacuate while Emergeny Services Minister has warned it as a life threatening situation.

More than 200mm rain has fallen over many areas with more rain forecasted for Sunday and Monday as well. Kangaroo Valley, south of Wollongong experienced 595 mm rain in just two days. Along with heavy rain, Bureau of Meteorology has also forecasted damaging winds with chances of thunderstorm on Sunday. Bureau has also forecated 60-100mm of rainfall on Monday as well with similar windy conditions.

Residents living in low lying areas of Newcastle to Bateman’s Bay are ordered to evacuate with potential of flash flood and landslide. New South Wales Emergency Service Minister, Stephe Cooke described the situation as life threating and asked people to reconsider holidays plans. She warned of potential danger of flash flood, riverline flood and coastal eroision.

Similarly, bureau of meteorlogy has warned against coastal activities like rock fishing, swimming and surfing and regarded them hazardous.


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