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Nepal Sales Energy Worth 1.72 Bn To India In A Month

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has sold electricity worth 1.72 billion to India Energy Exchange Limited (IEX) in one month.

NEA started to sell excess electricity in internal market to India from Jestha 19. Initially NEA sold 39 MW to IEX and later after getting approval from India, NEA started to sell 364 MW electricity generated from 6 different hydroprojects.

NEA received Rs 1 Billion 723 million net income after deducting all the charges by selling 178.19 million units of electicity from IEX. NEA received Rs 9.67 per unit on average. The peak price per unit reached to Rs 15.93 while the lowest rate was Rs 4.92 per unit.

Kulman Ghising, managing director of NEA informed that the forecasted sales of electricity to India for this fiscal year will be 5 billion rupees while next year energy export will generate 20 billion rupees to Nepal.

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