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NEPSE Gains 41 Points As Buyers Slowly Gain Confidence

NEPSE Index gained 41.39 points on Wednesday as buyers slowly start to gain confidence.

Trading volume also increased by 0.373 billions to daily turnover of 1.431 billion. Yesterday index closed at 1921.31 continuing the decreasing pattern that saw a loss of 35 points in two days. However today, buyers showed strong confidence to not only trade off deficit of last two days but also gain some more points.

After hitting annual low of 1806 on 24th June, NEPSE seems to gain back some momentum with both volume and index in increasing pattern. Infact NEPSE has already gained 108 points since the low of 1806 in just 5 days.

Today, 208 scripts saw increase in price while 12 scripts price decreased and 8 scripts remain unchanged. Investors of Aadhikhola Microfinace and CYC Microfinance benefitted the most as both scripts gained 10%.

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