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Panhandlers Banned In Kathmandu

Kathmandu metro has banned panhandlers and beggers from begging money in public places of city.

Metro issued a notice informing that begging will be prohibited in public places including parks, roads, bus stops, hospitals and offices. However, religious saints and monks travelling to homes will not be attracted by the ban. Similarly the ban will not apply if donations are asked in religious and cultural programs.

The notice is published as per the decision made in 11th convention of Kathmandu metro city council. The notice further explains, ” asking for money by begging, by making childrens’ to dance, sing, play games or directing to do any other actions will not be allowed”. It is ofter reported that childrens are forcefully made to dance, sing or beg for money by some organized groups in Kathmandu. Metro has given an ultimatum of 10 days to stop any such activities.

Metro has also warned that defiance to the rule will attract punishment as per National Penal Code-2017 article 126, Local Government Operation Act 2074 and prevalent law.

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